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There are no hard and fast rules for hobby chicken keeping, no minimum or maximum, just remember a chickens nature and cater for it... generously!

Useful Links: In the quest for further information on poultry breeding the following websites may be useful.

The Poultry Club of GB
Poultry Guide

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Welcome to Poulacapple Poultry


We hope you'll enjoy browsing and that you will find something of interest and / or of value here. Like any project it's a work in progress, information will be added and removed, changed or updated as the year progresses.Sussex Hen and Chick

First off, we are not experts in this field, we are just hobbyists who enjoy breeding and rearing poultry and we learn as we go; both from our own successes and mistakes and from the experience of others. We do not have large stocks but most of the hens lay most days - hence a surplus!!!

We breed as hobbyists and occasionally have surplus fertile eggs. Please see surplus stock on the For Sale page.Jersey Giant Cock

We hope you'll enjoy browsing this website. it was born out of necessity as there was no single online source of a broad range of reliable information for poultry enthusiasts in Ireland. I'm hoping to continually add to this site, as useful web sites appear, they will be linked under the useful links section, thus making it a resource for all.